The Late Show Report


Thanks to Val Easton for this report from the grounds of The Late Show Gardens.  She's having technical difficulties sending photos, but we'll post 'em if we get 'em.

I'm looking at the future
here in the Valley of the Moon at The Late Show Gardens. It's an open-air,
interactive garden show, reasonable in scale, set into the existing gardens at
Cornerstone Sonoma. It's a little warm here for a Seattle-ite like me,
predicated to top out around 90 degrees today, but the sun doesn't seem to
bother anyone else around here. The mood is mellow & the show is populated
with eager gardeners.

The gardens are so cool! You can walk through them, they're actually planted
right into the ground, you really experience these gardens, see from one into
the other  – congratulations to Robin Parer, for imaging, and
creating, a modern garden show….

Take a look at designer Shirley Watt's dripping honeybee garden "A Garden
of Mouthings" – I'll be posting many more photos on my blog when I get back to Seattle next week.


The weather cooled down a
bit in Sonoma, and gardeners flocked to the Late Show Gardens to see fresh and
innovative garden designs. For a fledgling, first-year garden show, the
response from the public and the quality of both vendors and show gardens is so
impressive. A favorite garden (photos to follow) is Bay area designer Shirley
Watts very fun bee garden called "A Garden of Mouthings", with honey
tasting, bee experts on hand to answer questions, and honey-drenched (not
really sticky, although they look it) stools to sit and ponder Watts' lovely
honeycomb structures.

I found famous photographer Marion Brenner taking shots of the complex yet
beautifully simple "Future Feast In the Garden of Flow/Accumulation"
by designers Suzanne Biaggi and Patrick Picard. The focus of the garden is a
huge dining table planted in lettuces and herbs,with a stream running down its
surface…and all set for dinner….

Speaking of…show volunteers, designers, speakers and organizers ended
Saturday evening dining under the stars at the Marin County home of Saxon and
Mary Holt -  generous and welcoming hosts, and a such a congenial bunch of
gardeners and artists…'s going to be hard to leave the Valley of the Moon
and head back to Seattle today…..


  1. I’ll be looking forward to Val Easton’s photographs of the garden.
    In the mean time there are several bloggers who have
    photos and reviews up about the show.
    Dirt du jour and Bay Area Tendrils are two such blogs.
    And I posted some construction shots as well as some shots taken on Friday.
    The images were taken mid day so they are a little bright, but I’m going back for a photographers night to capture some sunset photo’s and will post those later.

    Photos and a Review :

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  3. I just returned from this fabulous show and was so inspired I just had to write a blog about it and share my own photographs. I’m really enjoying reading the other blogs written by Michelle Dervis, Alice Joyce and Mitch Maher and seeing how other gardeners have interpreted this thought-provoking event.

    For another gardener’s view, check out

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