Support Urban Gardening – Hang out with Celebrities!


Hey, gang!  I just got word of this Exciting Opportunity – for fantasizing about a different, much wealthier and frankly hotter version of the life I actually lead.  But hey, fantasy is fun so I'm bidding on:

Well, it's a tie so it looks like I'll be placing two (presumably huge) bids.  First for the walk-on in a movie with Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd.  And Lord knows I'd pay good fantasy money to hang out with Richard Branson on his island.  Sigh.

But who would YOU bid on?  Do tell.

Make your bids right here.  In the real world, presumably.


  1. There were some handsome temptations, but I will have to spend my fantasy money on a bid for an evening with the Divine Miss M herself. We could talk gardening and Hawaii. She even sings nice.

  2. Can I have a Hugh Jackman or Gerard Butler work shirtless on the blackberry bramble I’m constantly battling in my backyard? Maybe the brambles will swoon and wilt at the sight of their manliness.

  3. I don’t know Michele, John Meyer would only try to date you, drop you and date you again, ultimately you’d dump him.

    I’d go for the Carell/Rudd bit. I’m assuming it’s out of my price range.

    Nothing with Charlize Theron, huh? She swoons my brambles.

  4. If it were dinner with Steve Carrell, I’d bid on that. But since that’s not an option, I’d bid on Miss M. I want to have half her chutzpah when I grow up. I’d even settle for a fourth.

  5. Actually . . . . . . , maybe Bette has it all wrong?

    She’d probably raise more money faster if she had the deep pocket celebs bid to hang with the the gang of four Garden Ranters?

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