Sustainable and Urban Gardening News November ’09


IMG_7007 GardenRant edition.  The whole newsletter is right here.

Feel free to admire my new front-yard fence!  It's natural cedar
and replaces a chain-link fence covered with English ivy (memories of
which are fading fast.) Here's the before and after, with a link to waaaay before.

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  •  USDA reports that farmers' markets are up 13 percent over 2008! Here's the story.

 Sustainable Gardening on the WebLlamas

  • Ed Begley's Preferred Fencing?  It's recycled plastic.  I wonder what he'd say about cedar (see photo above).
  • Turns out "smart
    irrigation controllers" aren't so smart after all – they use up to 2.5
    times the recommended amount of water, as reported in Nursery Management.


  1. Beautiful fence! The ivy was dreadful–to me ivy just looks like a haven for rodents and mosquitoes.
    Advice on the fence: do not paint it. The more opaque/less transparent your wood treatment is, the more obvious it is when it needs re-staining, and you can never do a less opaque stain over it, or change tints–but why would you want to use any tinted stain, if you have cedar?

  2. Sara, I’ve already “painted” it. Actually, it’s a semi-transparent weather-proofing wood stain by Behr. It gives it some protection but lets it still look like cedar. I also hate the opaque stuff.

  3. yeah, that’s what I meant, Susan! I’ve used the opaque Cabot stain in “driftwood” and regretted it–even more so after it started to wear and peel. I love the total effect of your house, fence, and plants–very harmonious.

  4. While the ivy covered arbor entrance was charming, I loathe, hate with a mad passion English ivy. It doesn’t play well with others & those drat roots pop up everywhere like bamboo.

    I really like your new front garden fence; keeps out the dogs & still shares your garden with the public.

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