Two Gardens on Display


First, we get to see the garden of Michael Pollan Himself, at least the front garden, here on the SF Chronicle (see slide show in the left sidebar).

Next, at the excellent garden-design blog Studio g, feast your eyes on a cottage garden at Carmel-by-the-Sea in California.  The photography is terrific – the work of Linda Hartong (Linda Yvonne on flickr).  (Now if only there were a way to contact the photographer I might have gotten permission to use one of these awesome shots right here to entice you.)  


  1. When I saw the Pollan’s garden in last weeks Chronicle I was impressed by the spatial delineation, use of materials and over all design. I appreciated the fact that he and his designer blended in edible plants with some fantastic drought tolerant exotics such as proteas, banksias and leucadendrons.

    It’s always a treat to see the arts and crafts town of Carmel, whether in person or through photos. It is a wonderful place to work or visit. The gardens and the architecture are just as delicious as many of the fantastic small cafe’s and gourmet deli’s that you’ll find in town.

    And talk about progressive in regards to installing a new garden when building a new house in Carmel, the planning and building department has extremely strict guidelines in regards to the amount of irrigation water that can be used and even requires that a certain amount of California natives be used in the landscape.

  2. thanks for the mention!!…Linda can be contacted through her flickr page (flickr mail)…that is how I contacted her to get permission to use her terrific pictures… best – R

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