What the government teaches


Next, what the Government Tells the Public
big-picture, imagine the entire federal govenrment taking the lead in going
green in their landscapes, ending 50 years of really, really bad practices by
government and everyone else, but let's start thinking about the next step,
shall we?  That would be doing something to fix and coordinate the information
our government is tell us about how to treat our own land.  The Sustainable
Sites folks are preparing what we know will be a terrific version for
homeowners, but the public is most often blithely directed to consult their
nearest Cooperative Extension Service for answers, and the elephant in the room
is that most of the information they dole out sucks.  (Exceptions are few but
very appreciated – Cornell, Maryland, Minnesota, etc.)  Sure, these are state
universities but they DO get federal funding.  Just a thought.

The EPA's Greenscaping
program is, thankfully, on the right track, but it doesn't get a fraction of
the attention (or links) that Extension Service sites do – those outdated advice
from agencies that far too often get their funding from industry (since cutbacks
during the Reagan years). 

But Extension Services that suck are the topic for anotherrant.