Rant on the Road: Palm Beach and Kansas City


Hey y'all–I'll be speaking at the Garden Club of Palm Beach on Wednesday, Feb 10 at 2:30. It's open to the public; get details here.

Then I'm off to Kansas City for three big days at the Metropolitan Lawn  & Garden Show!  Feb. 12-14.  I'm there all three days.  If you're in the area, stop by. Maybe I'll see you there!


  1. Sort of related. I am plodding on the treadmill and channel surfing and as I pass some reality show about a bakery in NYC I hear the guy say they are making a cake for the Bronx Botanical Garden. So I stop surfing (but keep plodding) and low and behold they are making a cake for your book “Wicked Plants” and your visit to the Botanical Garden. The cake looked like a Venus Fly Trap. Now I have no idea how old this show was…but was the cake any good to look at and eat?

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