Garden Center Blogger Wants You


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Since I wrote last week about Lowes's new garden bloggers and those of us blogging for independent garden centers, it's been fun seeing such enthusiasm for the garden-center blogs and everyone rallying to help them succeed. (Aren't we all passionate gardeners pretty much addicted to our local indie garden centers?)  You could tell by the rush of Facebook "fans" and general buzz across the gardening world that this is an idea whose time has come.  And now it's even more fun to show you our new website, online as of today.  Come see!

Garden bloggers, we hope this will encourage you to talk to your favorite local garden center about their own blog and social media, and how you and our team can help them with it.

Garden centers, landscapers and other gardening companies, come see how easy and affordable blogging and social networking can be if you just contract the work out to people who are already doing it and doing it well – because they love it.  (Unlike so many uninspired corporate bloggers.)

Web designers and developers, sign up for our newsletter to find out more – right there on the home page.

Those savvy trade associations are all over blogging and social networking for their members, and we'll be seeing some of their own great advice online later this week.

You'll see me listed there as "founder" and if that means having the idea, okay.  But for the implementation I have my new partner in crime Katie Elzer-Peters to thank.  She and web designer Heather Claus have been helping businesses for years over at their place, The Garden of Words, and my kudos and thanks go to both of them for the website, and more.  Lots more.


  1. Susan, you’re too kind! I’m thrilled to be a part of this venture, and it seems like it is something that will help the local, independent garden centers become more of a central part of their communities.

    Can’t wait to work with all of the writers and garden centers around the US-and beyond! That’s the real magic in your idea: partnering experienced blog/social media/tech folks with businesses who need them and local garden bloggers who know the lay of the land in their area. Synergy. LOVE IT!

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