In Other News…


This is one of those tidbit-filled days in which I clean off my desk and share the results with you.

Garden Design is sponsoring a Gardening for Life Week at Lake Austin Spa.  This is a truly lovely place to hang out, and I'll be hanging out there.  You can enter to win a free trip at Garden Design's website.  Check it out.

And then there's this:  The Santa Clara County Master Gardeners, based in San Jose, CA, have created an amazing website featuring their favorite water-wise plants. As you can tell from their website, they are a large, well-organized, and very busy group.  We each live in our own weird little microclimate here in California, so having a specific plant list that works right in Santa Clara County is a great thing.

Horticulture magazine is sponsoring a poetry contest!  That's right, poetry!  I know there are some poets among you.  Enter the spring Garden Verse Poetry Awards, for which there are actual cash prizes, and stay tuned for the next contest in the fall. Deadline is April 1.