Online Campaign against Earth Day’s deal with ChemLawn WINS


Fullscreen capture 3282010 81629 AM Did you hear?  TruGreen (formerly and more honestly called ChemLawn) signed on to sponsor Earth Day 2010 and get a nice chunk of good PR (more honestly called greenwashing).  In a blog post, Paul Tukey declared

"It’s all sickening, misleading and yet another example of an unfortunate
sellout. Can the consumers see through this? Let’s hope so.

Garden designer Risa Edelstein clearly agreed, and immediately created a Facebook page called STOP TruGreen from Sponsoring Earth Day with, now sporting 843 fans. 

And as luck would have it, the very week the Facebook campaign was going on a New York court found TruGreen guilty of
applying pesticides in the rain and wind and with unlicensed workers and fined them a half million bucks. 

And of course, Beyond

Pesticides and the Safer Pest Control Project voiced their opposition to the partnership.

It was all too much for Earth Day, and they dropped TruGreen like the toxic potato it is.  Here's one press report.

Of course I congratulate everyone on the success of the campaign, but honestly, I was looking forward to attending the big Earth Day event here in DC and hearing TruGreen tout organic and
sustainable lawn care.  Man, whatta rant that would have been!


  1. I’m starting up a plutonium-based lawn care surface that can triple as a Christmas time decoration, nice lawn, and runway lights. You can rant about that if you’d like–good advertising.

  2. Susan,
    Thanks so much for your post. I am honored to be covered by Garden Rant! What happened after I created the page was so unexpected but it speaks to the passion people have about this subject. I am excited about the power of the web and am encouraged by how we can use it to affect change! I created another page in facebook just last week called Say NO to Chemical Lawns and I am trying to get every advocacy group on there so together we can band together and make a difference. I know that you are a contributor to The Lawn Reform Coalition, so please post your info on this page. I am hopeful that all together we can try and reduce the amount of chemicals and pesticides we are using….if not eliminate them all together:-> Thanks again for your support and all of your work on this very subject.

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