The Chicken Chronicles, Week Four


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Chick crib

The chicks continue to grow at an  astonishing, almost freakish rate.  You can almost see the feathers emerge.  They are quite entertaining and simply can't wait to be let out of their box so they can fly around the bathroom.  I decided that this week I should show you what their new, larger setup looks like.  This is two 20 x 20 inch cardboard boxes joined together inside the bathtub.  Enough room for them to move around and find a comfortable temperature for themselves.

Another new amenity added this week–a flat board for them to roost on.  Nothing fancy–just a piece of plywood we happened to have, sitting atop a couple of other scraps of lumber.  After their initial terror (chicks are such drama queens) they grew to like it and I often find them sitting on it.

Whoever said last week that they don't need chick grit yet is right–as long as they are on the medicated feed, they have no trouble digesting it.  But as soon as they start getting cracked corn or any kind of treat at all, they'll need some grit to nibble on as well.  I have a bag of it at the ready.

I'm hoping for a warm, sunny day so we can take them outside for a few minutes and introduce them to the other hens, but it hasn't happened yet.

Better photos next week, I promise.


  1. These guys do sound quite entertaining 🙂

    Tomorrow is meant to be much warmer down here (by 10 degrees!), and that often means warmer up there too. So maybe the intro to the great outdoors might be in order.

  2. Chickens are drama queens which makes for good comedy. I called in my order yesterday and expect their arrival on June 1 – when brooding isn’t so difficult here in Massachusetts. I’m glad I can do it in a separate part of the hen house – you haven’t meantioned all the ‘chick dust’ in the bathroom.

  3. Well, my buffs seem to have changed in personality. They shriek like dinosaurs in labor, this big prehistoric squawk. And they’ve taken to bullying the rest of the crew.

    They’ll be a year old in April.

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