The NYT Answers Your Questions on How to Grow Plants!


Wow!  Continuing its groundbreaking and award-winning coverage of all things horticultural, the New York Times' City Room will be answering your questions about–growing plants indoors!  At last, answers to the questions that have been hounding you for years about this vexing problem. Get over there now and submit your questions; answers will appear on Wednesday.  To get the ball rolling, here are some of the questions we'd like to see answered:

  • What type of water should I give my indoor plants?
  • What colors are indoor plants available in?
  • How quickly can I expect my indoor plant to grow?
  • What should I do with my indoor plants at night?
  • Do indoor plants have sex too, and if so, what kind of privacy do they require?
  • I am considering attaching wheels to my indoor plants so I can take them on short walks around the neighborhood. Will the sweaters designed for small dogs work on a plant, or should I knit something just for them?  If so, do you have a pattern?
  • Can I get plant food delivered in New York City? If not, can I make my own?
  • What is the typical resale value for an indoor plant?

Now it's your turn!  Get over there and post your questions! Or–post ours and see if they get past the comment moderator! 


  1. What great satire…….
    To think it has come to this that people actually have time to send in questions to s pseudo-gardener and wait for a response in the paper. As if one has a turfgrass chance in LA of getting thier question answered.

    The TROLL

  2. So funny!!! I was wondering what my pothos ivy was doing at night in the kitchen behind my back. Maybe I should ask? Laura

  3. I wonder if there will be an overwhelming amount of questions pertaining to a certain type of “herb”. The reaction would be priceless I think.

  4. Why the skepticism? The TIMES has had Anne Raver, a fine garden writer, for years and a Q and A that has been very sound. Raver writes often not only about city gardening but also life on the family farm in Maryland.

  5. OMG — there are already 248 questions! I think that poor guy has his work cut out for him. It will be interesting to see how he decides to respond. Seems like he has pretty good credentials.

  6. Fran, Anne Raver was relieved of her regular writing duties months ago. It’s astonishing that it’s springtime, gardening is more popular than ever, and week after week the Times is mainly silent on the whole subject. Home decorating? Yep, plenty of that.

  7. I’m a devoted Times reader, but the glaring absence of just about ANYTHING garden-related in the “Home” section (notice it’s not “Home & Garden anymore) is both infuriating and mystifying.

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