Inside 1-800-FLOWERS at 9 Tonight


I've never watched CBS's Undercover Boss but tonight's boss is in the flower biz, so I'll be there.  9 Eastern.

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  1. Wait so the point of that show is the boss goes undercover and pretends to be a lowly employee so he can catch other employees doing things wrong?

    As someone who worked in retail for 12 years I think whoever dreamed up this show should be eviscerated.

  2. No, the point is the boss works in various job descriptions within his/her company, sees that employees are actually not treated so well or could be better used in other job classifications to make better use of their experience and skills, or could be better accommodated for health issues, and then gets cracking to get those changes made.

    It’s been a good show so far.

    Personally, I am waiting to see a boss from Wal*Mart or Tyson or Smithfield do this…

  3. I didn’t mind the first one, although it was edited for teariness. Its no surprise to anyone that executive has trouble picking up three bags of trash on a windy garbage dump slope. Expose, hardly -more like feel good working class entertainment.

  4. This episode sure proved one thing – Jim McCann is a true jerk when it comes to his brother. It was pretty rude of him to demean Chris so badly on national TV. Yes, Jim, you’re the big, bad brother-in-charge. We get it.

  5. Tina I agree – Jim did come off as an arrogant man who had to prove his superiority to his brother. A secure man would not have to do that. Chris on the other hand comes off as a sensitive caring man. We could use more people like him in charge.

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