Awards Night at the American Hort Society


Notes on semi-crashing the AHS Awards gala honoring book authors and "Great American Gardeners":

Amy Stewart's Wicked Plants won a book award and I got to accept it for her, wIMG_9116hich was great fun and led to all sorts of people congratulating me later on my award.  I may have stopped correcting them after a while.

Dan Hinkley's Explorer's Garden was also a winner.  Here he is looking totally cool and, before he removed his aviators, totally unrecognizable.  I asked him if he has any rants to get off his chest and apparently he has plenty.  So coming soon, a Dan Hinkley guest post right here.

Other book awards went to The Brother Gardeners by Andrea Wulf, and Parks, Plants and People by Lynden Miller.  Another writer, William Cullina, won a special Communications Award.

The Urban Beautification Award went to the Roslindale neighborhood of Boston for their Roslindale Green and Clean program, which creates "green and attractive oases within the town's urban environment".  With the spotlight so clearly on food-growing these days, it's nice that somebody's still recognizing plants for their beauty, especially in cities.

Hort professor Steven Still won the "most prestigious award" for his work with perennials but I embarrassed myself by asking him all about his blogging experiences, of which he has none because it's Steve Silk who's the blogger at Gardening Gone Wild.  Dr. Still had no idea what I was talking about but was steadfastly cheerful about it all.  Hey, at least I didn't confuse him with Stephen Stills.

Congratulations to all the winners (but especially to Amy). 

Now about the semi-crashing.  The person who invited me as her guest couldn't attend after all, but I went anyway.  Pretty amateur party-crashing by Washington standards, but still.


  1. Congratulations to Amy and to you – it must have been a fab evening to attend!

    Looking forward to Dan Hinmley’s rant – I went to a workshop of his in Oxford in March and it was a great day.

  2. Thank you Susan for your party crashing news. (Very funny. I am vicariously enjoying your hobnobbing.)

    Congratulations Amy!! That is awesome! Got to sell those books to keep the chickens in the style to which they are accustomed….

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