Botanical Interest Soap–We Have a Winner


And it is the people's choice vote!  Laura Bell, you win the Botanical Interest soap not only for your comment, but for the number of enthusiastic votes you got after it went live. 

Here's her winning comment:

I was
new, barely two.
The day was wet,
the earth was goo.

Frilly-dressed, Curly-tressed,
"keep clean !"
Mama stressed.

Shouldn't ought-er, but dirt & water
called even then
to this daughter.

Sit in the puddle – in the muddle ! –
happy toes in a muddy huddle.

Cherub-chubby, head-to-toe grubby,
"Come see our girl !"
said Mama's hubby.

Somewhere in my Mom's collection of mementos from my childhood is a
frilly yellow dress, size 2T or so, with impossible to remove Alabama
red-dirt stains all over it. She cried then, but now she laughs &
says she should have known I'd be a gardener.


  1. BOO! HISS! HISS! YUCK!!!!
    Enough with all the sticky sweetness. You said something DIRTy
    My stinky socks ditty was better.
    I demand an inquiry!!!

    The TROLL

  2. Well won. It made me think of the time I took my two four year old grandsons off for a ‘hike’ one cool spring day and we didn’t make it past the muddy ditch near the house. Gooey! Gooey! Gooey! They were happy for more than an hour. I got good pix. I had to hose them off before they came in the house. Once inside they got into clean clothes wrapped in blankets and gave them hot cocoa. That was when I discovered the Granny trick of handling little boys – keep them cold and wet – and wear them out.

  3. Thank you GR & all those readers who voted for me. I sweated over the wording of that poem for a good long while. After this weekend I really need that soap. I’ll let ya’ll know how it works out.

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