Cordless Trimmer/Edger – we have a winner!


Congrats to Bladerunner, who won with this comment:

Dear Santa ~

I have been a very good girl this year. Please bring me:

-a weed-whacker that comes with a weightless battery pack, and
doesn't vibrate so hard that after doing half my yard, I can't use my
hands or arms.

-a jammer for leaf-blowers. You know, like a cellphone jammer.

-a super easy way of cutting up yard debris for the compost pile. I
used to do it by hand with snippers, but the tendonitis in my arms
doesn't allow more than just a little of this anymore.

-really good apps to identify bugs, plants of all sorts, and the
calls of birds (not just looking them up by appearance) for the iTouch
(preferably not internet-dependent)

-a really good hose-winder that won't self-destruct in rain or sun

-hooks for hanging baskets that won't damage the wood supports I attach them to

-tools (hand or power) meant for small, not-very powerful hands, but
tools that actually Get Stuff Done. It sucks having tendonitis, plus
most grips are meant for people with bigger hands than I have.

-a magical knee rest that'll let me get close to the work I need to
do without crunching my bad knees or letting my legs go numb.

-a washing machine & dryer big enough to wash the cushion &
cover for my 3-person-wide porch swing. (I don't have to own these
machines, I just need to be able to get the cushion & cover to and
from it, and from the washer into the dryer).

-a magic wand that will turn my beautiful mature shade trees into beautiful mature shade trees with fruit

-and a pony

Thank you very much,


  1. Wish 4: Terraphone aviary edition tracks usrers that identify birds in a particular location. It allows you to listen to documented recordings of many of the birds, too. You should check it out. Requires a wifi connection with the itouch.

  2. I love it ! Captures every wish I couldn’t verbalize, but woul love to see right down to the leaf blower jammer and the pony !

  3. I’ve never tried it, but word is that a lawn mower works well as a debris grinder-upper. I have a nice, quiet Ryobi battery-powered job and I think it would do a fine job on non-woody yard waste, and you don’t want too much wood in your compost anyway.

  4. Um, is there something I need to do to collect the prize?

    Bldrnrpdx (at) aol (dot) com
    Bldrnrpdx (at) aim (dot) com

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