News from the BBG


xxxLocal Law 37 passed in 2005 prohibits several classes of pesticides on city-owned property, including the BBG and the NYBG.

xxxInterview with Mark Fisher, there 26 years, now top hort.

xxxLocal law 37 passed in 2009 in NYC  restricted pesticide use. 
THey spray with Neem as insecticide and fungicide on M ondays when
closed.  Sara Owens (rose curator) bruoght in Alyssum to the rose garden,
too.  Neem also good for mildew on lilacs.
Rose rosette disease is a problem, so they're trying beneficial predatory

xxxRose garden: Mulch used – buckwheat and cocoa (smells great).  Also
pruning and using diz-resistant cultivars.

xxxFerts are organic.

xxxMost problemmatic plants in the garden – orchids, roses.  Mainly
thrips.  Also, cockroaches chew on flower buds.  Urban gardening!

xxxThey use IPM.

xxxThey use compost tea, but not for disease prevention but for nutrients, and
combined with compost itself.  (cow manure, too).  feeds SOIL.

xxxxxFound tropical plants improved when they switched from city water to well

xxxxLawn:  top dress with cmpost and use tea.  Fert:  3 apps/year
normally, this year only one.  (Three because high traffic – 3/4 millino
visitors year.  Wear and tear.

xxxxDefinitely an urban botanical garden.

From talking wtih Kathryn glass, vp of marketing:

native plant collection – the first one there (100 years ago).

Publications:  edible g'ing book, and topseller is g'ing with children.

Eliz Peters – dir of publications.  Takes 90 days lead time.

BUG Brooklyn Urban Gardening – new program, train teh trainer (in greening
up), like MGs.  NYC has maser Composters, not MGs.

Love this:  Greenbridge is contest for greenest block in B'lyn, in