Paradise Under Glass: We Have a Winner!


Thanks to everyone for playing along last week.  Our winner is Truc–anybody whose conservatory fantasy involves a head gardener with a handlebar mustache and a gimlet in a teacup is all right by me.  Here's the winner comment:

conservatory fantasy is simple: melons. All I want in life is a
conservatory with a precise, measured Victorian-esque system of melon
vines hanging above me, with careful nets supporting the developing
fruits. And a head gardener (I don't care if he's the only one, his
title is still "head") with a handlebar mustache to tend to them while I
breeze through holding a gimlet in a tea cup. And possibly also
cucumbers from above carefully trussed with long glass bottles to make
sure they grow straight. No crooked cucumbers in my tea sandwiches, if
you please.