Plant A Seed, Grow An Orchestra



Introducing the Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra.  From their About page:

The Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra resides
in Richmond, Virginia, where members grow gourds, make instruments and create
music. A band of musicians with dirt under their fingernails–they put the
"cult" back into culture, and "culture" back into agriculture.

I met these guys at the Smithsonian Institution's Garden Day and my first reaction was amazement at how far Richmond has come since I left in the late '60s, when you couldn't even buy liquor by the drink.  (Night life – what's that?)  Today Richmond has five white guys performing "paleolithis lounge music" on locally grown gourds, dressing up like goofballs, and inspiring us to garden and make music.  Progress!  


Here on the bio page I discover they're not One-Veg Wonders, either.  One of the members also plays with the inventively named Ululating Mummies.

More discoveries from their website – some gourd-growing advice and the news that they'll be performing near me in the fall.  I'll be there, with video camera.


  1. Dear Commonweeder,
    Yes, we tour; our geographic range so far is from central Ohio to Corning, New York to Virginia Beach. To reduce our carbon footprint, we travel by fast-growing gourd vine.
    Contact Arthur Stephens via the website.

    Thanks for your interest!

    In Gourd we Trust,
    Christopher Hibben (RIGO member)

  2. We LOVE the Indigenous Gourd Orchestra at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, VA.
    They play each year at our Goblins & Gourds Festival in the fall. Some members of the Gourd Orchestra also play in the Happy Lucky Combo, which will be featured at our All-American Celebration on July 4th. On this day only, we’ll offer FREE admission to the Garden! So, come to Richmond, and see The Indigenous Gourd Orchestra (and the Garden) for free!

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