They Do Float!


Savannah and Atlanta 044
Thanks for all the great advice on remedying my gazing-ball-free condition.  Gene's question, whether gazing balls float, reminded me that garden designer Ryan Gainey's witty garden in Atlanta had a pond with balls floating in it.  I was there with my friend Julia, who knows Ryan and adores him, about four years ago.


  1. these shiny globes remind me so much of growing up in the midwest. I need to get some here in the Bay Area…SF would love them. Matti

  2. I had floating balls in my pond but birds kept landing on them and slipping and drowning so I removed them. I hope you have better luck with your balls. (:-))

  3. Michele,
    We have these half coconuts filled with candles. Once in a while we float them lit in out pond. Great for parties too. Need a canoe to put them out, we have that too.

  4. I’m getting a gazing ball this weekend – i love it! Perfect excuse to cull out some of the water hyacinth.
    Drowning birds? So sad…

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