Win a Nifty New Composter


Leave a commentComposter to win a $170 Spin Bin from Clean Air Gardening, over on my blog.


  1. I work with a community garden in Bushwick (Brooklyn) New York and rats ate through our compost contraption. We’d love this one. Anything is a step up 🙂

  2. I’m just getting into composting, and the cost of a bin is the only reason I haven’t gone that route – I’d love to have one!

  3. This compost bin would work nicer than the one I jury-rigged up using wire mesh, some 4′ stakes and 4 wooden pallets in the back garden. Turning the pile over with a garden fork can be a bit harrowing, since mice love to live in the pile and found a California red racer snake once too. It seems I’m the least squeamish and so the job at the preschool garden usually falls to be.

    If the preschool got the compost tumbler, they can compost left over food bits from the preschoolers and deadheaded flower bits from the flower garden. The compost would be used for the pumpkin patch in the back garden or dressing around the newly planted orchard trees.

  4. Really, I love this composter. I currently just use the old pile method but this would be Nice so I will enter. That looks like just the thing for home gardeners! Great site really enjoy your posts

  5. man… i don’t get why use this fancy composter when u can simply dig a hole in the ground and make a nice compost.

  6. Speaking as a Master Composter, these tumbling systems are often ineffective because they fail to create an accumulation of biomass large enough (3’x3′ is a minimum size) to create the right conditions for thermophilic bacteria to actually start and speed up the composting process. If you use something like this tumbler, be prepared to wait for years to actually use your compost. I suggest a simple welded wire bin that you can make cheaply and which actually looks pretty neat in the backyard. And, as always, remember the ratio – 3 browns to 1 green!

  7. Dang it ! Just won the soap, but boy, could our school garden use this ! The principal is trying to keep the garden “street-view pretty” while I’m trying to make it functional. A compost tumbler would help us both accomplish our goals. Guess I’ll go check out the interwebs for deals ….

  8. A rollable composter really is a great addition to any garden. We have a Composhere and it has transformed the way we garden. We simply roll it to where we want to put compost down and open it up, so we don’t have to lug the compost half way across our garden. It helps to create better compost, faster too.

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