Kitchen Garden at Wisconsin Statehouse


MadisonCapitol Vegetable Garden CloseupI heard from a Green the Grounds supporter about some good news in Madison, WI – the installation of a kitchen garden on the Statehouse grounds.  Megan Cain writes:

I work for Community GroundWorks and run our business Madison
.  My
co-worker and I (with the help of Senator Fred Risser) successfully pitched a
vegetable garden to the State Capitol Building here in Madison, WI.  We
installed the garden this past Tuesday and received a ton of press.  Our Capitol Square hosts the largest producers-only farmers market in the nation, so we hope our garden will be a compelling
backdrop for the market.

Congratulations, Megan and co-worker! 

Also, I see that Kitchen Gardeners International has moved on from petitioning the White House for a veg garden to petitioning governors to grow food.  Here's their chart where you can see whether or not your governor's mansion has a kitchen garden.

NiceMadisonWith Sen. Risser, but what else?
I'm always happy to see veg gardens in these public spots but let's not ignore the rest of the landscape, shall we?  Don't forget to also check to see if your governor's mansion grounds are managed sustainably.  Veg gardens are nice but are they still dumping huge quantities of fertilizer on their lawn?  (Probably, and in the springtime, too.)  Are they keeping stormwater on site?  (Probably not.)  You get my drift.


  1. My hope is that this isn’t a fad, and that when the recession is over, people are still interested in growing edibles on-site, where they are living, working and eating….

    We need to make sure this trend is sustained.

  2. Is there a White House garden this year? So much hoopla last year – and none this year. What does that mean? I don’t even know if Massachusetts has a Governor’s mansion, but I will check and find out what is going on. If anything. Another great post, Susan.

  3. The CA Capitol grounds are not sustainably managed to any degree I can tell ( work right acrosss from them ) and the veg garden is a sad little thing. I actually wrote to Maria Shriver re: the need to expand & maintain it. No reply yet, not that I expect one really. My biggest gripe ? Capitol Park covers at least ten city blocks, with expansive lawn areas, a world-famous rose garden, and examples of plant life from all over this botanically-diverse state. Yet we – one of the major ag states – can’t spare more than 800 square feet – and I want to see how they calculated that spec – to help raise food “to feed the hungry” (Maria’s words) ?

  4. It is good to see that there are government establishments that consider planting veggies on their premises. Well, it is a good example for other states really. Places are getting greener and greener every year which is really quite good. I see that the plants are still new and looking forward for seeing it flourish. Gardening in public places is one great act since it can encourage people do the same thing as well. The best part is that grade schoolers are taught to handle plants as early as now.

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