Anchorage? Anyone?


Please tell me we have readers in Anchorage.  And please tell me I'll see you at the Alaska Botanical Garden this weekend.

Because we can't all go to Buffalo, after all.

Oh, and did I mention it's my birthday?  It's my birthday.  Really.  So now you have to come. I'll see you there.  Yes?  And bring a cake. Thanks.



  1. Oh, I wish I could go but I live in Florida and writing isn’t paying any bills yet! I absolutely loved your book wicked plants, (even more than flower confidential) and have a lot of fun sharing macabre facts with friends and coworker! The overall design of the book was also amazing, so it has a prime place on display in my studio. Happy birthday!

  2. I would really like to go, but I would not be able to get there in time. I do hope that you have a great birthday anyways. Love your post.

  3. One word – Blue Poppy. Ok, it’s two words but once you see all the Blue poppies blooming you will want to go back over and over. I know I do.

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