Coming to Chicago: The Independent Garden Center Show!


The annual IGC Show in Chicago is fast becoming the hip meet-up for the retail side of the gardening world. It's oriented entirely around the needs of independently-owned garden centers–which we love–but it's also a good stop for garden writers, garden bloggers, and the like.  There's a trade show floor packed with purveyors of plants, pots, tools, seeds, books, and other assorted merchandise, and the seminars and tours are getting better every year.

Especially this year!  Because they've invited GardenRant to put on a panel discussion!  That's right, the four of us are headed to Chicago August 17-19 to mouth off to garden center owners.  Our panel takes place on Thursday, August 19 from 11-12, but there's plenty more you won't want to miss.  Check out the complete schedule here. A few familiar names you'll see on the list:

Jean Ann Van Krevelen, author of Grocery Gardening

and social media guru

Mary Ann Newcomer, blogger extraordinaire, maker of rhubarb martinis, and author of the forthcoming Rocky Mountain Gardener's Guide

Debra Prinzing, author of Shed Style and so much more.

Jon Carloftis, Garden designer and all-around cool guy

Diane Ott Whealy of Seed Savers Exchange

author of an amazing book called Big Box Swindle and
Senior Researcher for the Institute for
Local Self-Reliance

…and, well, so much more.  Including all of us from GardenRant!  Did we mention that?

So here's the deal.  If you're a garden writer, garden blogger, or garden communicator of any kind (we're not sure if Twitter counts, but hey, give it a try), you can get a FREE press pass to this deal by sending an email to Clint Albin at clint at clintjalbin dot com.

If you're anywhere close to Chicago, we want to see you there!  Be sure to let us know you're coming–there's bound to be some after hours fun to be had.


  1. I will be attending the IGC. Not sure if I will be able to make your talk as I am leaving to return to Albany Thursday. If i am there at your talk I will wear a sign “Fan of THE TROLL”

    The TROLL

  2. Lovely vegetable ‘trend’ IGC is promoting. Why so NARROW?.

    Make more money, using vegetables, in a POTAGER.

    Mix of herbs, veggies, flowers, shrubs, vines, benches,fruits, birdhouses, urns, stone/brick edging, fencing, soil preps & etc.

    Landscape Design, selling MORE than tomatoes.

    Enriching the body AND soul while raising property values & lowering HVAC costs.

    Hmm, will a veggie garden do ALL that?

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


    Just checked my plane schedule and I don’t leave until 4! I will be there ready to collect tolls!

    The TROLL

  4. I wonder how many media folks would be attending the IGC if they had to pay the $300+ fee like we in the biz do? Probably few…just a thought

    The TROLL

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