Great Garden Speakers–An Update


A quick follow-up to our previous post about Great Garden Speakers

In just two weeks, we've signed up 42 speakers at and several more are in progress.  Over the last few days we've had a glitch that just got fixed:  the price to join is $5 per month, but on one of the enrollment screens, it was displaying as $30 per month.  Quite a difference!  So if you were thinking of signing up but got discouraged by the $30/month thing, please go back and take another look. Truly, it's only five bucks a month!  What a deal.  Go here to read more, and click the green Join Now button on the right if you'd like to sign up.

We've landed some really good media mentions–thanks to Billy Goodnick for kicking it off on the Fine Gardening blog.  And there are several more good stories coming down the pipeline in national media. 

If any of you are interested in doing a story in your newspaper column, on your blog, on your radio show, your local newsletter, or elsewhere, please shoot a note to info at greatgardenspeakers dot com and we can get you press releases and more. 


  1. I like to keep up with your blog. You bring up interesting points and you make me laugh a the strange things that people do and say.

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