Short Meadows in Santa Barbara


While we're on the subject, take a look at
these photos of a lawn replacement project by BIlly Goodnick.  He says this shot above was taken "looking over a border of roses and breath of heaven. I like the
juxtaposition of wildness and civility. This photo was snapped before
the overseeded wildflowers began to sprout."  Those wildflowers will be sprouting up in a field of Carex praegracilis.
Can't wait to see the effect.


  1. I agree with you Greg! Imagine leaving NATURE to paint the backdrop!! A beautifully manicured lawn is exactly what this organic vista needs – not!

    Susan, your sentiments re: “a juxtaposition of wildness and civility” is spot on. Love it!

  2. Dog Island: Dave Fross is a wealth of great plants and designer extraordinaire! I use plants from Native Sons all the time – some will be going into this very meadow in the fall. You’re fortunate to have studied with him.

    Stuart: Actually, Susan’s sentiment is a quote from my caption of the original picture, but if she’d said it, I’d agree that her sentiments are “spot on.” Thanks ;-))

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