Seen Yesterday In Spa State Park


Many New York State parks strike me as monuments to the fear of litigation.  The State destroys any lake it touches as a swimming experience with ropes and whistle-happy lifeguards.  But I am very fond of the Spa State Park in Saratoga Springs. It's very civilized, a nice combination of ancient pines and golf, hotel, swimming pools, theaters, picnic grounds, and mineral springs.

I took these two photos as I was running by yesterday: First, the best flower borders by far in the city are at the entrance to the park, a surprisingly personal mix of annuals, tall bold perennials, and grasses made monumental by their length and depth:


I have failed to do the border justice with my cell phone.  It sits on both sides of the Avenue of the Pines, probably a 100 feet on each side.  It has a color scheme that moves from blue purple and yellow in early summer to a late summer red and yellow.  It is clearly the work of one guy with a vision.  

I am really happy that border escaped any budget cuts.  And second, a meadow allowed to grow up to save on mowing:


Nothing fancy–just grass allowed to do its natural thing, but nice nonetheless. 


  1. Michelle, you are a garden whisperer.

    Why? “…clearly the work of one guy with a vision.”

    Garden whiperers see things & KNOW.

    Interesting post on Landscape Juice today. Hope you see it.

    Have a great weekend.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Someone there must be a fan of yours. They are coming around to what is pretty. It does not take alot to make a place look nice. It just has to be weeded often.

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