Buy this Lovely Mexican Home and Garden (from my Sister)


No, GardenRant hasn’t taken up real estate as a sideline, but one of us has a sister in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico who’d love to move back home closer to family – grandkids being a powerful draw – but she first has to sell her home there.  So I’m taking the liberty of tempting you with some photos, though in a nod to on-topic appropriateness, just the gardeny ones.  Here’s the realtor’s info, with lots of interior views of this home she built on an empty lot, and here’s a link about the glories of San Miguel (home of over 1,000 expats, many of them writers and artists).

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  1. For garden tourists: San Miguel has a GREAT botanical garden with amazing views, and there is a somewhat run down terraced orchid garden created by Sterling Dickinson which would be a perfect project for the Garden Conservancy (if it were to go international…) Also a lovely somewhat formal park near downtown. And the thermal baths outside of the city are wonderful…

  2. Beautiful property and stunning location. I would love that view. Good luck to her in this market. But, no can do unless I hit the Mega Millions.

  3. If I hit the lottery and after a condo in Bermuda, I’d go into contract! A lovely place. But I also have to ask – how is she getting here without immigration reform as promised by Obama???

  4. Lovely.
    But for me this falls into the category of real estate porn. Fun to look at and lust after but way out of my league.
    Good Luck. I do know the draw of grandbabies can be intense.

  5. Karen, I agree it’s real-estate porn, like that HGTV show about house-hunting, international edition. My sister built it as an investment property and will end up living in a much smaller house in Tucson, AZ.

  6. Drop dead gorgeous. Pure real estate porn.
    The interiors are beautiful , she did an incredible job.
    I plan on retiring to Mexico and if San Miguel wasn’t just as expensive as Marin County CA ( one of the most expensive areas in the US ) I would be looking in that direction.
    Instead I plan on going to a less Americanized location closer to the water and a whole lot less expen$ive

  7. This post and the post about sailing off the coast of Maine make me feel like a little kid with my nose pressed against the window of the candy store. Isn’t envy one of the 7 deadly sins?

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