Higgins on Beautiful Veg Gardens


Your guide to creating an Edible Eden has arrived in today's Washington Post, by someone who's built and tended gardens for a long time – Adrian Higgins.  "Relatively cheap to build, whimsical in form and ultimately productive, the vegetable garden can be the sweetest place on Earth."

It's packed with super-useful details and arrayed beautifully on the front page of the new Local Living section (love it), and I hope you can see it in print.  If not, that link takes you to something else altogether.  You have to click "This Story" in the left, then "View all items in this story" to read the parts of it separately.  And so on.


  1. Isn’t this like a potager? Isn’t this just getting us to buy more outdoor decoration stuff? Couldn’t read the entire article, so could be wrong. My vegetable garden has always been a destination spot – it’s where all the goodies are.

  2. Thanks for posting photos of the section. As a former newspaper page designer, I stubbornly insist there is still a place for print. I miss those days of designing for the garden section … heck, I miss the now-defunct garden section of my local newspaper!

  3. @ Tibs – Possibly about getting us to buy more. I didn’t notice any specific products or brands listed on what was visible, but the predictable “ornaments” section (unviewable to me) led me to think a sales pitch was involved somewhere.

    Nothing wrong w/the idea of a stylish veg garden, though. I try to make mine interesting and efficient by trellising melons and squash, ornamental-y companion plants, and hyper tufa lovelies.

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