In Which GardenRant Explores Its Near-Limitless Powers


We challenged Timber staff to read our bawdy hymenoptera limericks inspired by Eric Grissel's new book BEES, WASPS, AND ANTS and post the video online.

Then we decided they should wear bee suits while reading the limericks.

And look!  They went for it! Those Timber people will do ANYTHING!

Hmmmm–what should we make them do next?


  1. I can’t tell you how much fun this is!!!!!!!! Since one of my limericks was read I will be linking to this and sending it to every single person I know. I am thrilled!!

  2. Do you think we could get them to do a little mini-rock opera involving hymenoptera in the garden? I think I would actually pay to go see that….

  3. As one of my favorite heroines would say (Claire Fraser in the the Diana Gabaldon books), “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ on a Piece of Toast!” This is so wonderful I can hardly sit still.

    Tell those kewl dudes at Timber Press that I am now going to order a copy of every single book they publish RIGHT NOW!!!!!! And here I thought publishers were a stuffy lot.

    Love the idea of a mini-rock opera. For lyrics, you can do a lot with bees alone, much less the entire order (of hymenoptera). A friend and I once spent days coming up with bee diseases, ie leubemia ….. yellow beever …… tubeeculosis ……..

  4. LOL What a cool set at Timber Press – that was great. To read some of those limericks with panache is an art.

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