Are Goats Stealing Landscaping Jobs?


I love this Goats v. Landscapers story on the Colbert Report.  You'll meet the Soprano-like owner of a yard maintenance company and a goat-services entrepreneur named Tammy. 

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People Destroying America- Goats Steal Landscaping Jobs
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  1. That was brilliant. Gino was *^%*ing hilarious. Animal landscaping in this way is an interesting technique, especially where meat can be produced too and we get into effectively a dual-benefit situation.

  2. "It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it." Dan Quayle


  3. So funny! I love ‘I’m sure the scapegoats aren’t really goats’ comment. As for me, I’m just wishing I had some brush to clear so I could get me some of that poop. thanks for sharing this!

  4. People who are complaining about being out of work because of the goats should go and get some goats for themselves. I like the idea of the goats clearing the brush. I will not be eating any of the goats milk or cheese after the governments job though.

  5. Priceless, as is always the case with Colbert.

    My city recently had some goats clear a large area of star thistle & invasive brush-type species. It looks magnificent now & I’m sure fire danger is much lower. Hopefully they keep up the goat-scaping in other overgrown areas.

  6. OMG – too, too funny! It made me recall my father’s constant comment on having goats mow our lawn (he hated doing it, and my mom wouldn’t let us three girls do it). Whenever we’d say that we should get goats to do the job he’d say, “Well, it’d be all right until the neighbors got wind of it”.

  7. I am currently unemployed. I was Head of Undergrowth Consumption, and I was in charge of supervising the crews as they rolled around in the grass and ate poison oak.

    After the poison oak killed those American workers, we brought in some affordable goat labor as temps. I was tired of stepping in goat poo, but my boss said that it was ecologically friendly, or green, or whatever to let them ‘fertilize’ the grass. He said, “Unless you can provide a more cost effective solution to providing fertilizer, the goats would take my job too!

    Later that day, my boss approached with two officers and handed me the pink slip, for ‘fertilizing’ the lawn. What do you want from me?

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