Keith Richards, Gardener


Keith-richards-771731 From a story about Keith Richards on CBS's Sunday Morning

At home, he's the 66-year-old guitarist with the green thumb, growing lemons like "hand grenades." "Yeah, it's amazing really, isn't it? This is in my spare time, I do this."

But then you realize the two Keiths . . . are really one:

"I always planted things. I used to grow weed, but I was never there for the harvest, ya' know?"

So maybe it's gardening that keeps him so trim, not the drugs, after all.  Or it's just a testament to his heroic constitution.


  1. Aging rockers are so ridiculously comic. Now we can all know what our grandparents would have looked liked wearing mascara and sporting various body piercings. At least these geriatric rockers still are gardening like good grandmas and grandpas. Next we’ll find out that Alice Cooper likes keeping a pigeon coop.

  2. This is great. You do not have to be a little old lady or man to garden. I know some friends who are well to do people and their favorite thing in the whole world it to be on their hands and knees digging in the dirt planting just about anything. I feel this way about gardening, too. I wish that I had more land to do it with.

  3. I’d love to see an mtv cribs in which someone draws attention to a particularly impressive citrus crop or says something like “check out these borders peeps; piet oudolf. cost me a fortune but I like the way it looks in winter.”

  4. Hah, love this! Gardening is for everyone. It must be hard when you have to travel a lot, though; it would kill me to not be around for the harvest, whatever I was growing.

  5. Of all the musicians…Keith Richards gardening? Funny. I’m sure he grows all sorts of interesting plants.


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