Sound of a Wild Snail Eating–We Have a Winner!



Everybody loved Pam J.'s comment on Elisabeth Tova Bailey's guest post, so we're sending a copy of The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating to Pam!  Here's what Pam had to say:

This reminds me so much of my dad and his relationship with a tiny spider in his bathtub. Dad was dying of cancer, refused treatment, and insisted on staying in his house to the end. As he began to lose the ability to walk or get out of the house he started relationships with some of his fellow house creatures, including the bathtub spider. He treated it like a pet, or like a housemate. I'm convinced that the spider taught him more about mortality than any of the earnest talks he got from the hospice clergypeople. It was sweet. Thanks for reminding me.


  1. So nice to acknowledge Pam’s comment and give her a copy of Elizabeth’s book. A very touching sentiment in her remarks and I am sure her father got much comfort from such a small friend.

  2. Oh, please don’t diss “hospice clergypeople.” For one thing, hospice workers are only sometimes “clergypeople”. I suspect this group made it possible for your father to be there with the spider.

  3. Sarah: don’t misunderstand…I loved the hospice workers. Every single one of them. Including the minister who tried, ever so gently, to get my dad to talk about his spiritual beliefs. Hospice workers are as close to saints as humans can possibly get. I’ve told myself countless times that I should do volunteer work with a hospice. Your comment may move me a little closer to doing just that.

  4. That was so sweet. I like for people to remember their loved ones in a fond way. I hope that I will be able to do the same one day. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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