Contribute to Landscape for Life


Yes, I'm plugging the new Landscape for Life – the homeowner's version of the Sustainable Sites Initiativeyet again.  But this time it's to encourage you to send them your suggestions for additions or revisions – to  Author Janet Marinelli assures me that it's very much a work in progress and they welcome our ideas.

Here's my review again, but what's yours?  Tell 'em~!


  1. I think the site is good for gardeners & homeowners who are just starting out, but most of the information listed on the site is stuff I’m already aware of.

  2. Under the heading:

    Reduce the Amount of Material Necessary

    I wonder who decided that a 48 inch round table can seat 6 to 8 people? That seems like a pretty tight squeeze and even more so if your drinking and eating. Shoulder to shoulder dining? I’m all for saving material too but come on.

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