Edible Landscaping Book – We Have a Winner


Rather than relying on the old "Queen for a Day" drama of selecting the most needy contestant, I just used a random number generator.  And our winner is Crissie Cudd, somewhere in the South:

I'm from the South and Southern women of a certain age are supposed to be great gardeners.  I'm a late bloomer to gardening and I need all the help I can get to catch up.  Plus I live in an urban environment and don't want a blade of grass on my property – front or back.  This is exactly the kind of tutorial I need.


  1. Wow. Comparing your loyal readers to charity cases and random numbers. I feel special indeed — actually, not.
    You might want to rethink your approach to your audience. You may be free for us, but what revenue you get, and whatever other motivation you depend upon for this blog, depends on us coming.

  2. We use number generators because it is fair–everyone has a chance. I always feel bad when I have to choose a comment, as I did for the Troy-Bilt one, because I am afraid others won’t agree or will think I am biased.
    Giving stuff away comes with a certain responsibility to your readers–MORE consideration, not less.

  3. Ellen, I’d asked people to leave a comment telling us why they need the book, so was closing the loop by explaining why I hadn’t judged their neediness, but instead had made the selection randomly.

    I guess there’s no way to do it that pleases everyone.

  4. Susan, I’m sorry, I totally posted on the wrong book giveaway — and then waxed wrathful. Sorry, I thought this was your response to an entry where we were supposed to write about someone who influenced our gardening styles, and I poured my own heart out in response — so that’s why I was miffed when I thought it was decided by numbers.
    Sorry to have introduced the note of nastiness. Love the blog. (Don’t ban me!)
    Best, Ellen.

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