Lawn Reform Blog is Born!


 Standard-issue "lawn care" information is OUT.  Lawn reform information is not only IN, it's important, dammit.  So 15 months ago the Lawn Reform Coalition launched a website filled with alternatives to the conventional, overly perfect and supersized American lawn.  Next came our Facebook page, which quickly grew to over 1,000 followers. 

And now, by popular demand, we have the new Lawn Reform Blog, launching today with as big a splash as we can muster, with all 13 of us Coalition members making a fuss about it at once.

The blog's Welcome message tells you it "covers design ideas to reduce or replace lawns, regionally appropriate lawn species, and eco-friendly care for all lawns. And news!" 

Just yesterday I wrote about the 2011 High Country Gardens catalog, which makes the case foImg017r alternatives to conventional turfgrass lawns, and offers lots of plants that'll look great with minimal inputs, especially water (we'd expect nothing less from this Santa Fe-based company.) 

Lots more Coalition members will be contributing to the blog.  Susan Morrison and Ginny Stibolt (and yours truly) are the blog's admins and frequent authors, and Coalition members Evelyn Hadden, Saxon Holt, David Salman, Billy Goodnick, Tom Christopher, Shirley Bovshow and Paul Tukey will be contributing, too.

Coming soon are a Zazzle account where supporters can order up their Lawn Reform swag – buttons, T-shirts, hats, and more.  And a "tag cloud" so readers can search on the blog for terms like "front yard," "buffalograss" or "California" to get really specific help for their own gardens.


We're looking for as many guest contributors as possible, so DO contact us if you have a story to tell – how you've reduced or eliminated your lawn, about a low-water lawn species you're trying, or just a horrific example of lawn care advice that could have been written by Big Chem (and probably was).  Already we have contributions in the pipepine about:

  • Front yard edible gardens from the Germinatrix herself – Ivette Soler, who's our most ardent supporter on Facebook, hands down.
  • Mary Ann Newcomer will show us her favorite lawn-to-garden make-overs.
  • The Rant's own Eliz has promised reports of the very best examples of lawnless front yards that Buffalo has to offer. 
  • And of course we've asked Michele Owens if she has any thoughts about giving up lawn for the growing of some food, and of course she has. 

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  1. Thanks Susan, for being our fearless leader and getting us to this point. With this blog we should attract even more attention. I’m honored to be in such good company as a member of the coalition.

    grass is not always greener…

  2. I’m all in !!

    Been doing TARA TURF for over a decade.

    A mix of what the wind blows in, bulbs, moss, clover & etc. Fragrance & every pollinator you can imagine. Zero watering, almost 75% less mowing.

    Many Americans have DEED RESTRICTIONS against Tara Turf, or less turf & etc. Any subdivision changing their deed restrictions to allow TARA TURF, less turf & etc. must be promoted as a template for others.

    Happy to share pics & captions on your blog.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. Congratulations! I’m excited. Blogs I do, Facebook not so much. I’ll be reading the new blog with LOTS of interest…Can you get High Country Gardens to host a contest for a front lawn make-over with their plants? Just a frankly self-serving thought.

  4. What about a guest LRB post from a lawn lover? I think you may find that I have a legitimate defense for keeping a nice, large, “sustainable” lawn.

  5. Thanks to Ginny and Fran for the encouragement, and I’m happy to report that more enthusiasm is popping up on the Garden Writers email group I posted this to. Fun stuff for a good cause!

  6. It sounds like, from the looks of garden illuminati responding, this blog will be a great big informative success! I am working on a lawn reform for at least one customer, so I will soon have a good story to tell. It looks like I’ll have to stand in line, though!

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