Rant on the Road: Portland!


I'll be at the Portland Yard, Garden, and Patio show on Friday and Saturday this week. I'm staying in town for a couple of days, so if anybody wants to suggest an amazing bar to check out, I'm on the prowl.  Hope to see you there!


  1. Would you consider adding a search to your site? There is so much great stuff here. I couldn’t find a story that had been referenced, but found other great info. Ran out of time…

  2. The Portland City Grill is great if you’re visiting. It’s in Big Pink, the tower on the corner of 5th and Burnside. While not the greatest of bars, they do have a spectacular view over the entire city, AND they’re just barely a little over a block from VooDoo Donuts.

    The blocks North of Burnside, along 21st and 23rd have some nifty bars and restaurants, nicer (and less expensive, generally) then the trendy Pearl Street area (though you have to go to that area for Powells Bookstore).

    For fun farmstuffs: go to Sauvie Island. It’s probably a bit dormant this time of year, but still enjoyable. We used to love going to Krueger’s farm (go over the bridge and head left/west).

  3. Hope it isn’t raining the whole time! So close but so far away, Portland is awesome, but not the prettiest town in Oregon. Try Klamath Falls some time and see Crater Lake and the Lava Beds. They are both awesome, Keep us posted of what you fine!

  4. While the downtown Powell’s isn’t to be missed, you may enjoy the satellite store on SE Hawthorne between 37th and 38th – it’s dedicated to home and garden books. And then you can check out the food carts at 12th and Hawthorne.

  5. Amy,
    Have a great visit to one of my favorite cities. My niece, Jenn Louis owns a wonderful restaurant called Lincoln . . . http://www.lincolnpdx.com/site.html

    Tell her that her Uncle Jerry recommended it to you and hopefully she treat you special.

    Spend some time in the Pearl – especially wonderful coffee even though it might be a bit overpriced.

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