Fiskars UpRoot Weeder–We Have a Winner!


Our winner, chosen at random, turns out to be none other than Eileen at Scravings, who reports that she has five acres and five kids–and when I clicked through to her blog, I saw that one of those kids would be coming to her from China at the end of the month when her adoption papers are finalized.

Congrats, Eileen, and honestly, the rest of you should head over to her blog right now and check out those cute kids. What a family!

Honestly, I think she's going to need more than an UpRoot Weeder, but I'm glad one is on its way to her.


  1. Yes, I do need more in my life than an UpRoot Weeder–a cook, a maid, a chauffeur–but I’m content to know that at least I’ll have a few less dandelions. I’ll use my UpRoot Weeder with pride.

    Thank you!

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