Growing a Greener World: Season One Wraps




26 episodes.  8 months. 18 states.  36 cities. 254 stations. 4,058 tweets. Joe Lamp'l's PBS show Growing a Greener World has wrapped up its first season, and they've got a cool summary reel that looks back over their first year on the air. (It'll be worth watching through to the end just to see Joe roll around in shit.  Or is that compost?  Whatever–we love to watch Joe get dirty.)



It's a massive undertaking, of course, to get Joe, the host, along with co-host Patti Moreno and Chef Nathan Lyon and the crew to a bajillion locations across the country to cover all things horticulture–and of course, a lot of it has to happen in season, which explains the 8-month sprint. I've been following associate producer and canning guru Theresa Loe's Facebook updates, and I get exhausted just reading them.

Speaking of Facebook, it's not enough to have a TV show anymore, is it?  There's also a blog that chronicles the show (with posts like "We're sleeping WHERE?!?").  And a podcast, in which Joe interviews such Friends of Rant as Paul Tukey and Jeff Lowenfels.  And a Twitter feed.  And a Facebook page.  All of which is up to date.  And relevant.  And interesting.  And written by real people, not a PR firm.

Anyway, kudos to the whole gang for pulling it off.  Are you watching the show on your local PBS station?  (Go here to find out if it airs near you.) The show has already been picked up by an astonishing 254 stations, representing national coverage of about 70 percent. If it's not showing in your area, I'm sure that a nice note to the station, with a donation enclosed, will work wonders–and will probably get you a lovely tote bag, too.

Or are you watching it online?  Full episodes are posted here after the show airs. (The Annie's Annuals episode is totally charming.)

Well done, people.  And, because TV shows don't happen for free, a hat-tip to Fiskars and Burpee and Liquid Fence and Subaru for stepping up and backing their efforts. I'm told that Season Two is well underway, with six episodes in the can and more to come.


  1. Thanks Amy for this awesome post.

    We love telling these stories. We have met some of the most interesting people and visited some of the most amazing places and it is thanks to all of you who share your ideas, tips and leads with us. We keep track of every one and have a list a mile long of where we want to go next.

    And we can’t wait to show you season 2! We have already filmed the first 6 episodes – all great stuff.

    Thanks for being so supportive of our work. We really appreciate it.

  2. I did not know about this show – thanks. The only problem I have is Saturday at 4:00 to see it locally? I believe I’m rolling in the dirt at that time.

  3. Listen, if your Public Television station is not show us, you need to request it. We have had many viewers who have done that and got us on in their area.

    Also, you can watch ALL of season one on line at:

    And the advantage of that is that you can fast forward, rewind and watch your favorite parts over and over again.

  4. Very honored to be featured on Rant! Thanks Amy for using this special place to let others know about what we are up to. Our GGW team lives for the show and what it stands for and we really appreciate your post so much!

    (And Robin, you can hang with us *any* time!)

  5. Wow, looks like a great show! I never heard of it, so thanks! Got it programmed in my Tivo now!

  6. Joe and GGWTV team, congrats on season one! Thanks again for the crazy marathon coverage of the NWFGS…whew! Hope you all have recovered…Continued success! Abana

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