Organic farmer turned 50, needed new career


Ag_Pic Click here to read the story of my college pal Woody Plaut, who for 20+ years was an organic farmer in Kentucky (the first certified organic in the state, he brags).  Farming was the second of his three careers.


  1. See, there is more to Ohio than Ohio State Buckeyes, thank goodness. My Oberlin Story goes back to about the same period, maybe a little later when they held the highschool musical competions and my musical older sister would play. We would get up very early, drive there and stay all day. Very boring for an 11 year old. Thank goodness I liked to read. And that is what I remember about Oberlin. Bookstores. Coming from a small town that did not have a bookstore this was heaven.

  2. Loved this story. What I find most interesting is the way Woody is described as a ‘generalist’ — and the way he consciously integrates everything he’s done in his life up to now, in his current life and work. It’s one of the great pleasures of reaching … oh, we’ll call it ‘middle age’ ….. having a huge ‘bank’ of experiences, stories, lessons hard and others joyous, people known, that makes up one’s total self, and brings confidence and ease in new situations. Kinda makes up for the not-so-limber body, the not-so-nimble wit and the wrinkles. Never realized, as a kid, there would be so many great things about being ‘old’ (which of course we thought started around 30). Hooray for Woody and thanks for sharing his story of a life well- and thoughtfully lived.

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