Sauce for the Gander


This week, the Public Patent Foundation, representing plaintiffs that include the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, announced a preemptive suit against Monsanto.  The suit is designed to keep Monsanto from suing farmers whose fields are accidentally contaminated by Monsanto's patented genetically modified seeds.

Monsanto has an almost unbelievable history of suing farmers.  It has sued farmers who wanted merely to say that their milk is free of Monsanto's bovine growth hormone.  It has sued farmers who wound up with Monsanto genes in their crops inadvertently.  Monsanto's position seems to be that if you are not buying Monsanto products, it will find a way to make your life hell.

Honestly, if I were running public relations at Monsanto, I'd be inviting Michael Pollan to tea and offering tours to organic farmers. Or at least not behaving like Snidley Whiplash about to tie a girl to the railroad tracks.  Is this belligerence really SMART in the long-term?  I think no.

In any case, it does a body good to see the farmers striking back against one of the great corporate thugs of our time.


  1. It’s much bigger and not only this issue.

    Counties, states, regions trying to figure out, as I type, how to commodify water further.

    You know, water restrictions in my personal garden but a farmer in south GA, not planting, and selling his water rights to someone in Oklahoma.

    USA, gotta love it.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Oh, I hope to God that someone, somewhere, takes Monsanto down, big-time. When I was going back to school for my hort degree, I did a paper on GMO’s for a biology class, and the things I found out about Monsanto would make your flesh crawl. I hope they fry in Hell!

  3. Thanks for passing this along! I had no idea these seed companies that are filing the suit were big enough to be able to challenge a giant like Monsanto. I’ll be following this with a lot of interest!

  4. I send those farmers good thoughts and hopes for success. I would not classify Monsanto as merely a ‘thug’ — I consider them tied for World Master of Evil #1 with the giant drug companies (pill pushers). It’s them or us (humanity) IMO.

  5. Does anyone know if the plaintiffs need financial support? I’d be thrilled to send a little cash their way, as I’m sure many would…

  6. I believe that Monsanto Corp. is one of Satan’s cheif represenatives on earth in our time, just as certain loathsome dictators were in their theirs. I do believe that Monsanto’s execs have truly sold their souls for earthy power and profit.

    There is now, available in English, a book version of the film The World According to Monsanto. We should all urge our public libraries to buy it.

  7. Sooooo glad to hear about this. I just watched “Food Inc.” last week and they covered some of Monsanto’s tactics. I will be following this case for sure.

  8. I haven’t heard as much about Monsanto’s general evilness as others have, but what I HAVE heard is plenty bad enough for me.

    THEY sued because THEIR seeds took a walkabout? How did this end, and if it went to SCOTUS, which judges were sitting at that time, and what did they decide?

    Heck, people are 100% sure their crops are going to be contaminated by Monsanto’s GMO/Round-Up seeds & crops, and the EPA won’t stop the Agro aggro. Where’s the money, we all ask, as if there’s any doubt.

    I’m glad someone who might have enough backing is taking M to court. Their seeds are at the very least a public nuisance, and at worst, a blight. When Haiti told them NOT to send any seeds for assistance after the quake, they pouted and didn’t get the message.

    Please keep us informed on this matter!

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