The Gardening DJ


My first interview for the Kirkus Reviews blog is with Graham Rice, transatlantic gardener, author of the wonderful Encyclopedia of Perennials as well as some 20 other gardening books, and DJ for The BritMix on Radio Catskil.  Graham is always worth listening to, no matter what the subject.


  1. Dear Ms. Owens,
    Three years ago, you wrote a glowing article about Catherine Ferguson Academy in Detroit. It’s the only school in the nation of its kind: a school for pregnant girls that educates them while they are pregnant, and then allows them to continue their education after they deliver their babies by offering free, on-site day care. It’s also special in the fact that it has a farm on-site, and the students incorporate gardening and animal care and healthy eating into their education. NOW THE SCHOOL IS SLATED TO BE CLOSED. We need the help of everyone who supports this great special needs school to help the students and teachers keep the school open. If you maintain any contacts with Oprah’s magazine, and you could help us reach Oprah about our campaign to maintain the school, it could really help. Please contact me at the email listed below. I’m sorry to be so blunt – but these “comment” sections don’t leave room for a long letter.
    Thanks, Donna Stern

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