Time to harvest those tomatoes!



  1. Thank you for posting this: I was wondering where the heck my tomatoes were! Also, I’m hosting a new urban gardening show on the Oprah Network. See my blog for more details.

  2. This is such nonsense! The ground in my garden is still waaaay too hard to harvest anything. I have to wait at least two more weeks before I’ll be able to pull my tomatoes out!

  3. Ha! I traditionally harvest my tomatoes on St. Patrick’s Day… then I can use that space to plant the peas. On April Fool’s Day, I dig up the zucchini squash… before they get too big.

  4. I don’t know which was funnier, the video or the comments!
    Handy to be able to harvest your test produce before getting ready to sell its seeds & starts!

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