Beautiful Things in Denver


Spotted at Denver Botanic Gardens:


This hillside.  I could look at this all day.


This amazing wall by Terry Maker.  (Warning:  You will spend all day on Terry's website.)


Betel nut in the conservatory. 

And so much more, but those are the highlights.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the visit to the gardens. “Botanic gardens” and “Denver” are not words that seem obvious to put together, but DBG is one of the city’s jewels.

  2. One of the nice coincidences in my life was when my son moved near Denver a few years back. He feels a little used, though, as I my visits with him for an excuse to visit the DBG.

  3. This is an “eye of the beholder” & “different strokes” example. I saw this last June and thought it one of the worst displays EVA in any garden. Looks as if a non-lawn company dumped soil over discarded pot and planted no-mow seed.

  4. I visited the DBG on a cross country trip in 2007 and loved it. Sadly all my photos were lost when my computer crashed before I could back them up. =\

  5. And so much more, but those are the highlights.

    Nah, the highlights at DBG are the alpine rock garden and the Japanese garden. Or the Xeric plantings…or that long perennial bed near the entrance…

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