More “Meet the Author” Nights, please!



As promised, I attended the recent "Meet the Author" event at the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA, featuring three Rodale authors – Derek Fell, Stephen Orr, and our own Michele Owens.  In the photo left they're listening intently to event moderator Ethne Clarke, editor-in-chief of Organic Gardening Magazine.

Notice what's weird/different about the venue?  Everyone's sitting on bales of hay that are covered with burlap or kitschy tablecloths, and we're in a threshing barn from the 1800s.  Standing room only in a threshing barn – possibly a publishing world first?

Do it again!
My pitch to the Rodale folks that night wasn't to sign me up for a book deal (too much work!) but to have more of these events – in not just country barns but in cities and 'burbs, too.  Bringing several authors together makes the event a happening; it increases the turn-out and the fun, too.  And fun was had in this historic barn. 

AAAMay20115 News flash – magazine editors are very cool
That was a big take-away for both of us Ranters, based on these two delightful ones.  Stephen took over the gardening reigns at Martha Stewart Living last fall, and Ethne's revamping of Organic Gardening has been a roaring success.

The books
Last but not least, the books we gathered to hear more about were Michele's Grow the Good Life, Derek's Vertical Gardening (his 84th book!) and Stephen's Tomorrow's Garden, which I'll be reviewing here next week. 


  1. Love Stephen Orr and his new book! Beautiful photos, great work.

    Also I’ve really been impressed with the last few issues of Organic Gardening Magazine.

    I vote to bring this show to Austin, Texas – lots of great garden and organic minded people here.

  2. What a brilliant idea to have a “garden book/publication tour” that travels throughout the country, meeting in rustic spaces!

    Glad you wrote something about the coolness of editors too. I am becoming one and am humbled by all they do and all they must know.

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