Prince in town to promote sustainable farming


If you wondered why Prince Charles was here in DC just 5 days after the really big show in London, it was to speak to a conference about food.  And if this report is accurate, his views are awfully sympatico with my own – except he's been saying all this for decades now. 

It seems that his concerns are being taken more seriously these days – compared to as recently as 2007, when the New York Times reporter sent to visit his organic farm scoffed at it.

Here's a clip. 


  1. I just read his book Harmony and look forward to seeing the film. Charles is extraordinarily knowledgeable about organic gardening and farming and the interconnectedness of all living beings. He’s been talking about this stuff for years. Now the reception seems to be better.

  2. I saw the headline before the pic and really did think His Purple Rain Majesty was giving gardening promos.

  3. Perhaps I could take him more seriously if he had ever put his own toothpaste on his toothbrush. That’s right, he has always had a butlter “prepare” his toothbrush for him. While I eat and garden organic, I understand that at 200 pound per ton for wheat (the cost of producing it organic) there will be lots of hungry people indeed. While well meaning (I think), and sometimes having a good idea, he is hopelessly out of touch and reactionary.

  4. I loved the speech.

    I couldn’t find the scoffing in the NY Times article. Except maybe in that the author was put off by how difficult it was for a common person to visit the place. This was the conclusion he came to in the final paragraph:
    “Anybody who manages to get into Highgrove is bound to be struck by the beauty of the place. Beyond that, there’s no denying that it presents a brilliant case for organic gardening, or least gardening in a more sensible and natural way.”

  5. Actually, I loved the whole effort…one of the points highlighted is a pet concern of mine–that ethical produce isn’t just chemicals, it’s the humane treatment of the people who are responsible for producing the food. kudos to HRH for giving a bully pulpit to groups like the Committee of Imokalee Workers!

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