Prince Charles in the garden!


Here's HRH Prince Charles, a long-time advocate of organic farming and community gardens, visiting DC's Common Good City Farm this afternoon.

IMG_2385 People with the foresight to hold a baby or a "Welcome Prince Charles" sign got a handshake.  I got much closer than I'd expected, even without the baby or sign.


  1. the Royal Wedding was real nice and all, but seeing a royal promoting organic gardening is quite another thing. Using fame and riches for something that might actually make the world a better place. Warm fuzzies after decades of travail for Prince C?

  2. Prince Charles certainly has come into his own. It has been nice to witness over the years. He really does care about the environment, and organic gardening. I have a book about Highgrove, one of his estates, and it is really facinating. I even have found that I like Camilla.

  3. When we visited England & Wales some years back, we saw his “brand” of organically grown foods sold all over. I’ll admit, it made me think better of him after the Di Disaster. I mean, it’s his job to promote the betterment of his nation — what better way than encouraging people to buy sustainably grown foods from his country’s own farmers?

  4. About the Prince’s attire, this 45-minute visit was one of many stops he was making on his first day in DC. Another stop was the Supreme Court, where gardening garb just wouldn’t do.

  5. I remember speaking up for Prince Chas during the Di mess, but he is ok,I wuold tell all the bashers, he is for organic gardening and preservation of historic architecture. He has to be a nice guy.

  6. With all due respect, please dress more appropriately when visiting a garden. He looks so out of place. I suppose when it is an official visit the royal handlers advise him what to wear and it wouldn’t be princely to change clothes in a limo. Anyway, I do appreciate his focus on organic farming.

  7. Actually, he would be Charles III.
    Charles II
    The Merrie Monarch
    born 29 May 1630
    reigned 1660–1685
    son of Charles I and Henrietta Maria of France, none of his three children survived, and his younger brother James succeeded him.

    I prefer his taste in farming & gardening to his taste in architecture.

  8. Give Chas a break, the guy is a Brit! Of course he’s more dressed up than us slovenly Yanks (of which I am one and so I can say so.)

    I love the second photo, hair messed up, coat flapping in the wind, a look of bewilderment that hits us all from time to time in the garden.

  9. Who would have thought that someday Prince Charles & Ed Begley Jr. would be hailed as early adapters! The prince also keeps draft horses at Highgrove that give him compost to die for!
    Anna Z.

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