The Gardeners at Chanticleer


I had a chance to visit Chanticleer Garden last week on my way to Rodale and am gushing about it here and there, mostly with my photos.  So for Rant readers I'll send you to those links and just show off two of Chanticleer's staff of experts.


On the left is Doug Croft, who's in charge of the whole kitchen garden, and seemingly lots IMG_5445more.  Doug gave me a tour, pointing out everything new since my visit in 2009 and making sure all my questions got answered.

Above right is a new addition to the Chanticleer staff – Lucy Dinsmore, the horticulturist daughter of  D.C. Master Gardener Barbara Dinsmore. 

Oh, and just one more – Bill Thomas, executive director of Chanticleer.   I actually took this shot two years ago but I have no doubt he still looks this dashing.


  1. I love Chanticleer. It’s the first place I head from the Philly airport. I’ve gone every year for the last several. Love, love, love this place.

  2. Chanticleer is one of my favorite public gardens. A magical place. The area around it (Wayne, PA) isn’t too shabby either- I hit the mother- lode at a tag sale there once….

  3. I went to Chanticleer last year. Wow, magical doesn’t even begin to describe it. It is one of those places that are so incredibly beautiful and thought out, that I nearly cry thinking back on it. Sounds stupid, but I just feel such emotion when I remember it. If I ever win the lottery, most of my money would go into building a little bit of a similar garden.

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