Baker Creek Wonderfulness


In April I got to visit Mansfield, MO for the Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival. It was cold and rainy, but that didn't stop anybody.  If you are ever anywhere near Mansfield, MO, around the spring planting festival or not, you've got to stop in.  It is entirely worth the trip.  You can, of course, buy their fabulous seeds and all kinds of plants, but there is so much more.  Chickens!  Apple fritters!  Blacksmiths!  See for yourself.  Try to imagine it without the rain.  Really, this is the most extraordinary and lovely place.

And if you have no idea who we're talking about, read this post from a couple of years ago, or Michele's wonderful article in O magazine about them. And subscribe to their magazine (yes, a real print magazine!) called Heirloom Gardener, which I'm told begins newsstand distribution this fall. (But don't wait for the newsstand.  Real magazines need real subscribers!)

Okay, here are some photos.  No captions needed, really:



Apple fritters






  1. I’ve always wanted to go to one of their festivals. Too bad they’re so darn far away.

    Amy, what kind of camera do you use?

  2. I was there last fall and bought a lot of seeds and signed up for their spring catalog. Best catalog I’ve seen!

  3. OMG the watermelon tank is too much fun. I have one of those things in a prime viewing location that has been the thought of much consideration for remediation. A blending coat of paint and a Pearl Fryer topiary screen was one idea. This is certainly another. Now how do think a watermelon would look in two feet of snow? Or would it need a seasonal theme paint job?

  4. Oh my gosh! I, too, love the gas tank and am giving serious consideration to painting ours the same way.
    I have the seed catalog and wished to attend the spring festival. I will absolutely look into subscribing to the magazine.

  5. We had a gas tank we didn’t use and had it hauled away. If it had occurred to me to make it yard art, I might have kept it!

  6. Jerre Gettler, founder of Baker Creek, bought one of the oldest New England seed companies Ferre Morse in Wethersfield, connecticut – and I’ll bet there are lots of festivities as they open this month.

  7. Love the watermelon!
    In many California counties, there’s something called 1% For Art, and many projects have included the decorative painting of those dull grey utility boxes scattering the landscape with ugliness, prior to this.

    The city of Capitola, CA, in Santa Cruz county, commissioned a magnificent painter whose aquatic scenes are vivid and near-photographic illustrations, beautifying the town.

    I almost wish we had something ugly out in front so that my MiL could transform it with one of the marine compositions she does so well.

  8. Just want to reaffirm our love of Jere Gettle and Baker Creek Seeds. We are delighted to be their first partner ever to sell their seeds online through a product like ours. What’s more, the product – a free online tools for getting people to simply grow great food, is at one with all you Ranters.

    As Michelle’s book states so well, growing your own is and can be simpler that it seems. Just do it.

    Problem is many of us are so time strapped and flooded with so much information at our finger tips, it does get overwhelming. There doesn’t seem to be as much time to enjoy our learning curve (or mistakes) as we used to.

    I had this problem with my vegetable garden – lots of desire, less time, too much information. And yes, there is lots out there to make it sound very complicated!

    I ended up designing and launching a product just for people like me. It gets you up and growing fast. Everything is distilled down to “what you need to know right now”. It’s almost the opposite of most gardening approaches, right? Garden “smart” enough to have some successes, then you’re open to doing and learning more.

    But some people need a gentle lift to get there. And I, plus our great partners – Baker Creek and Peaceful Valley, decided to help them.

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