1. Beautiful! Post another picture in a month. It will be filled in and we can see what you planted. Love the dog…

  2. Sure–the garden cost $140 in compost and $450 in fencing. I went halfsies with a neighbor on a giant 10 or 12 yard pile of arborist’s woodchips that cost $100. Most of my share went to mulching the paths in the school garden. So assume an extra $10 there for this garden. I’ll easily save the $600 I have into this space on farmers’ market vegetables this year alone.

    The fence comes from Lowe’s. It won’t last a lifetime–it’s hollow steel, not cast iron–but it makes up for that in economy and ease of installation. My son and I were able to put it up in an hour. And I think it’s good-looking.

  3. I think that is a very handsome fence. We can’t all have wrought iron, after all. And we don’t garden to have an expensive fence. Much better spend money on compost and mulch – and seeds and plants and good tools.

  4. Memorial Day is past already!?! Jeez where was I? Garden looks great, but the dog is even more handsome than the garden.

  5. It does look great. I’ve been gardening the same spot for a decade and it doesn’t look half that good.

    Michele, what’s coming up now? I see something planted along the Lowe’s fence and a patch of green in the middle. Looks like there are some seedlings throughout.

  6. Your garden is lovely, good job! But I have to think you have more than $600 into the garden if the cost of the plants is taken into account as well? Or are you starting from your own saved seed or donated plants?

  7. Woah! Very impressed, especially after seeing the very first picture you posted. Love the fence and your puppy dog…

  8. Sweet! Not being a big dog lover, I like seeing the dog OUTSIDE the fence. 🙂 I would love to see closeups of your bean structure. I am engineeringly challenged when it comes to erecting trelli, pea/bean supports, etc. I have a whole stack of big bamboo poles available, but have so far succeeded only in building big, unwieldy things that fall down in the first windstorm.

    This looks super. I think the fencing adds an air of instant elegance that is worth any price.

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