The Joys Of Downsizing


At least when it comes to anything biological, I’m kind of a maximalist.  Another cat?  Sure!  Another child?  Sure!  Another 300 tulips? Why not?

I like that about myself. When I was young, I was always very scornful of adults afraid of anything that might give them any trouble–an old house, a dog, a vegetable garden.

So, I hope it’s not a sign of some new maturity that last fall, when I looked down at my little artificial pond and asked–Put the goldfish in the basement once again?  Spend the winter lugging dirty water up the stairs and fresh water down?–the answer was a definite, No way.

So I tossed the fish into the natural pond at my country place, where they join a longstanding population of goldfish that never seems to get out of hand, thanks to the patronage of visiting Great Blue Herons.

This year, without four eight-inch goldflish ripping it to shreds, my hardy waterlily is so beautiful, it is a joy to behold.  Waterlilies like still water–and wind up looking ragged if they are too battered by fishtails.

I hate to think that there is beauty in simplicity.  But maybe it’s so.



  1. Think of it as simplifying your life, not downsizing. Despite the cuteness factor, I have had to ban rabbits from the backyard. It took about a mile of chicken wire and a borrowed Havahart trap and some help from the local hawk population, but we now have zero rabbits in the backyard. (Knock on wood.) Instead, we have sunflowers and green beans and the biggest crocosmia ever. The dog is disappointed, though.

  2. There is beauty in simplicity, at least I see it all the time in my gardening experience. I’m glad its that way too. Your pond looks lovely and I’m sure the gold fish are happy as Blue Heron’s in the country…….:-)

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